Solving Bandwidth


We’ll have infinite bandwidth in a decade’s time.

Bill Gates, 1994

The Problem

  • Driven by internet video consumption and the proliferation of smartphones, global data traffic will increase nearly 3X over the next five years
  • During this same period, bandwidth speeds are projected to increase by only 2X, resulting in a supply-demand imbalance
  • A broad range of market sectors worldwide will be impacted by this imbalance

The Solution

  • Stratus has developed a new approach to solving bandwidth constraints
  • Stratus’s patented technology allows more data to flow through smaller pipes
  • The benefits: higher resolutions, faster frame rates, wider reach, more accurate navigation, and faster, more efficient data flow
  • Stratus works with partners to create solutions that allow them to pass along these benefits to their customers

Use Cases

  • Many-to-one transmission: in the security sector, high-quality video from hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of cameras will be accessed efficiently at remote monitoring stations
  • One-to-one transmission: smartphone apps will allow remote experts to diagnose and solve critical, time-sensitive problems by sending full-resolution videos using restricted cellular bandwidth
  • One-to-many transmission: video services will stream theater-grade and/or immersive movies, TV series, live sports, and VR events to more homes for less money


  • No other company uses the Stratus approach — or achieves its level of effectiveness
  • Stratus does not simply optimize existing data compression approaches and does not discard data during transmission
  • Stratus’s generalized solution delivers results for a wide range of markets and verticals
  • Stratus’s intellectual property is patented and backed by Wilson Sonsini

Stratus IP

  • Stratus worked in partnership with Wilson Sonsini’s IP lawyers to define a broad yet highly defensible patent strategy for Stratus
  • Stratus’s first patent features 28 claims; additional claims and new, overlapping patents are now in development
  • The patent has been filed with both the USPTO and the World Intellectual Property Organization; international filings are next up
  • Stratus continues to work with Wilson Sonsini as its IP development partner

Stratus Partnerships

Stratus works with partners to design and/or co-develop custom solutions using Stratus IP; Stratus can also license its IP to partners for use in their applications and services


Stratus demonstrates how best to leverage the IP in your existing chipset and/or product line


Stratus’s dev team creates a prototype model with the look and feel of a finished product


Working with your team, Stratus helps you to get your product to market quickly and efficiently


Stratus continues the partnership by adding value across new product lines and vertical markets

The Team

Russ Haines

Russ has been involved in computer research for 25+ years and has worked with companies ranging from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) to Xerox PARC to multiple startups

Jeff Smith

With Russ, Jeff co-founded Eye Vapor, which pioneered large-scale projection mapping and realtime graphics; Jeff toured as Deadmau5’s VJ and held exec positions at EA and THQ

Keith McCurdy

Keith has been a member of six boards of directors, both publicly traded and venture backed, and was VP of Tech at EA during its growth from pre-IPO to $1.5B annual revenue

Jay Komas

A video game industry veteran, Jay specializes in strategic partnerships and licensing and has worked at Activision Blizzard, Lucasfilm, EA, Niantic and Google’s Brand Studio.

Greg Easley

Greg has founded and served as CEO/director of multiple venture-backed companies, including Bottle Rocket, Mako Games, and Realtime Immersion

Shayne Bates

Shayne is a business focused security practitioner who works with Fortune 50 and technology companies to develop strategies which realize business value from security technology

Next Steps


Stratus demonstrates how your existing products and market will benefit from applying Stratus IP


Stratus partners with you to create proof-of-concept systems that are marketed to your customers


Stratus’s rapid-prototype tech gets you to market quickly with optimized products and services